Advent Calendar The Little Town



A line of houses on which there is a lot to discover! What is behind all the many windows? Every day in December, this city becomes livelier and more colorful. A very special advent calendar from the 1940s of the last centuries. Enjoy this great, nostalgic mood.

Even the Eisenhower President family was lighting up in newspapers with this calendar. This was the first Advent calendar to be available in the United States.

Advent calendar to set up or hang on the wall. The reverse images complement the events of the front. So, you can see what is happening in the houses.

Decorated with silver glow. The reversible pictures shine when you place the Christmas calendar in front of a light source. Format approx. 22 x 70 cm. This advent calendar is a wonderful Christmas decoration.

  • Size: 22×70 cm / 8.5×27.5 inches
  • tri-fold
  • Made in Germany by Richard Sellmer Verlag


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Advent Calendar The Little Town

Nostalgic retro Advent calendars from the traditional Sellmer publishing house enchant with festive Christmas motifs, for example the Advent Calendar The Little Town. At MarketPlace24, you will find a wide selection of Advent calendars suitable for everyone. The classic Sellmer Advent calendars, crafted from paper with a nostalgic design, transport you to a magical Christmas world through their romantic scenes. Whether it's a Victorian carousel, a peaceful Christmas room, or a snowy wintry landscape, these calendars accompany you throughout the Advent season, captivating your imagination and serving as beautiful decorative pieces. Each door hides a surprise Christmas picture, adding to the excitement and anticipation. Explore our exclusive range of nostalgic paper calendars and let the enchantment unfold.

Hang them on your wall or display the smaller stand-up version on a table or windowsill; these captivating calendars are sure to catch your eye. Immerse yourself in delightful motifs and relish the enchantment they bring. Our selection comes in various sizes, offering flexible folding options. We also offer practical postcard Advent calendars that fit effortlessly into any space. Experience the joy and wonder of the Advent season with our exquisite collection.

Accented with glitter, our nostalgic Advent calendars with fine glitter evoke a sense of poetic imagery from times long past. The shimmering fir branches, candles, and snowflakes create a captivating ambiance, adding a touch of magic to every moment. Using our trusty glitter machine, which has been faithfully operating for over 50 years, we produce these enchanting calendars that delight our customers day after day. Welcome to MarketPlace24, where special moments come to life in sparkling beauty.


Each of our advent calendars is lovingly designed and tells a story which continues behind the doors. Open a door each day and immerse yourself in a Christmas world that will inspire you. With our Advent calendars Christmas is a bit closer every day! All products we manufacture in our Christmas workshop in Stuttgart, are Made in Germany. A good and an affordable alternative to filled Advent calendars.

Are you interested in the history of the Advent Calendar or the history of Richard Sellmer Verlag? All this can be found here on our pages. Even our first Advent calendar of 1946 you can order as a reprint. Here is your shopping experience for Nostalgia Advent Calendars, Christian Advent Calendars, Advent Calendars for Children, or Historical Advent Calendars. Much pleasure wishes Richard Sellmer Verlag - since 1945 a tradition for Advent calendars.


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