Light Arch Holy Family


The birth of Christ is depicted under an arc of stars in this double candle arch. The pure fretwork made of 3 mm birch plywood is indirectly illuminated by an internal chain of lights.

Real handicraft from RATAGS – Made in Germany – 100% original Erzgebirge

Size: 43 x 30 cm (WxH)

Lighting: LED

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Candle Arch small Holy Family

Candle Arch small Holy Family: This double candle arch shows the birth of Christ under an arc of stars. The pure fretwork made of 3 mm birch plywood is indirectly illuminated by an internal chain of lights.

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Candle Arch small Holy Family: RATAGS handicraft GmbH & Co. KG

Our products are manufactured in our workshop in Langenwolmsdorf. And from there they go all over the world every day. With our articles you acquire real wood art from the Ore Mountains. Handmade and made with love! All RATAGS products are protected by copyright. The authenticity of the items is verified by the symbol of the Erzgebirge little horseman. You can find more detailed information on our homepage:

Real Erzgebirge® - Handmade in Germany!

Candle Arch - Schwibbogen

The origin of the Schwibbogen is closely tied to the German mining tradition in the Erzgebirge region (Ore Mountains), with the candles expressing the miners’ longing for light. Due to long shifts, the miners rarely saw daylight during the long winter months and so they used the Schwibbogen (candle arch) as a symbol of hope. Over time the designs changed. Modern designs are typically made of wood and depict historical or religious scenes. Other designs include landscapes, skylines, and advertisements, retaining some link to Christmas traditions. The arch in turn symbolizes the entrance of the tunnels, with miners having used a semi-circle shape of torches to guide them out of them. The number of candles varies with the size of the arc, the original design has eleven. Nowadays, many Schwibbogen do not even contain candles; instead, small electric lights illuminate the arch.

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