Christmas Pyramid Nativity 4-tier electrical


4-tier Christmas Pyramid with Nativity

electrically lit and operated

Height: approx. 75 cm / 30 inches

© Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH

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Christmas Pyramid Nativity 4-tier electrical

Look at this beautiful Christmas Pyramid Nativity 4-tier electrical. Christmas is coming soon! With a wooden pyramid, you can also express your anticipation for the holiday season in a decorative way. Electrically lit and operated. When you turn it on, the wings on top of the tip slowly begin to turn - a magical sight in front of the window, for the Christmas table, for the sideboard - or wherever you want to spread Christmas flair in the style of traditional craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains. We offer many pyramid models in different sizes, optionally in natural tones or colored painted.

Tree Pyramid Christmas Day

Material: wood, hand-painted

  • Traditional Christmas and Advent decorations
  • high-quality craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains
  • artistically and detailed designed,
  • stylish eye-catchers made of wood
  • Christmas decorations - beautiful in the dark season
  • Our Christmas assortment from © Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH


Christmas pyramids (German: Weihnachtspyramide) from Richard Glässer GmbH

Handcrafts and fostering of traditions are once again highly regarded in our modern world. The Erzgebirge and Toy Village of Seiffen particularly have a lot to offer in this area. The new beginning of our company in the summer of 1990 was at a time when our area and its typical folk art received a lot of attention due to the opening of the borders. It is becoming more popular from year to year for more and more families, and not only in Germany, to decorate their homes with nutcrackers, smoker and pyramids during the holiday season. We risked developing our company based on this fact and by trusting the skills of our workers.

Wood-turning and painting of wooden figurines, looking after and building on the existing wealth of products, as well as introducing the customs of the Erzgebirge to others are our daily work. We invite you to participate in our work. We have opened a demonstration workshop, an extensive showroom that displays the wide variety of our treasures and our Raststueb´l will take care of your well-being. The Seiffen Toy Museum and the famous Seiffen church are in the immediate vicinity of our company.

The following presentation will introduce you to our world and hopefully give you interesting information about the Erzgebirge and the Richard Glaesser company in Seiffen. Virtual tour.


German Christmas Decorations are also available at Craft Shop: or Etsy Shop:

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Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm


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