Crottendorfer Incense Smokehouse Winter Motif


Made of metal
with incense holder
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Suitable for incense cones of size(s): M

Made in Germany by Crottendorfer

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Crottendorfer Incense Smokehouse Winter Motif

Crottendorfer Incense Smokehouse Winter Motif - Small innovation! Cute little smokehouse with incense holder inside.

Incense cones, incense sticks and incense may only be used on a refractory base and under supervision. Please note that all smoking vessels can get hot during use. Therefore, always place the smoking vessels on a temperature-insensitive surface.

In search of the origin...

of the fragrant incense, the path leads us to the Ore Mountains in Germany. Welcome to the the small village Crottendorf, located between Fichtelberg and Scheibenberg. Made ​​by hand and even offered for sale on the markets, the "Original Crottendorfer" soon became a household name.

For many Germans, Christmas and incense smokers belong together. The cute fellows have been spreading their lovely scent since the 19th century throughout German homes, and many connect the scent of them with the Christmas of their childhood.

Nowadays, there are smokers in nearly every design. The Ore mountain manufacturers really let their fantasy play.

Original Crottendorfer Incense Cones Christmas come in many scents, therefore they are great to use all year around. Incense cones are perfectly shaped to use with German Incense Smokers.

Only natural and nature-identical fragrances are used for Crottendorfer incense cones. For example resins, herbs, spices, woods, plant extracts, essential oils and local beechwood charcoal. The high quality and purity of the carefully selected raw materials is regularly examined, which certifies that Crottendorfer incense cones are harmless to health.

Instructions for the Crottendorfer Incense Smokehouse Winter Motif

After placing your incense cone on your incense burner pointed up side down, light the very tip with either a lighter or match. Once the cone catches fire, let the top burn for 5 to 10 seconds. Fan the incense cone gently to ensure the flame is completely out. If done properly, the top of the cone will still be lit, but no longer in flames.


All incense containers (especially the incense holders) should be cleaned regularly. By burning several incense cones, resin and fragrance deposits are formed, which smell unpleasant when fading and can smoke very strongly. Therefore, regularly clean your smoking vessels with warm water, soap and a brush.

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