Glass Peacock with Feather


Everyone remembers the timeless glass birds that adorned Grandma’s Christmas tree during their childhood. Whether they were simple or vibrant, boasting feathers or fiberglass tails, these small glass birds became cherished Christmas decorations that continue to hold a special place in our hearts. We offer a diverse selection of glass birds that cater to both the classic charm enthusiasts and those seeking a modern twist. Our natural glass birds, in particular, captivate attention and can be enjoyed beyond the holiday season. Adored by collectors and celebrated for their exquisite beauty, these glass birds effortlessly enhance any space. From enchanting singers like tits, finches, and sparrows to majestic peacocks and swans, our collection of glass birds grows each year, ensuring there is something to enchant everyone.

  • Handblown Christmas Tree Ornament
  • handcrafted and hand painted
  • size: 23 cm / 9 inches
  • Made in Germany by Glas Bartholmes / Thueringer Weihnacht

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Glass Peacock with Feather

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your Christmas tree with the Glass Peacock with Feather. These meticulously crafted ornaments feature traditional designs and vibrant colors, capturing the essence of holiday nostalgia. Our ornaments, including glass balls and themed collections, are made using traditional German techniques dating back to the 1800s. Each ornament is meticulously handcrafted and expertly painted by hand. Transport yourself to a simpler time while keeping our ornaments contemporary and desirable. With our Christmas ornaments, the possibilities for decorating your tree are endless. Explore our range of personalized Christmas ornaments, perfect as keepsakes for your family or as gifts for your loved ones.

About Glas Bartholmes / “Thueringer Weihnacht” glassblowing factory

The glass Christmas tree decorations that my grandfather and great-grandfather made still determine the profile of our glassblowing factory today. Above all, elaborately handcrafted Christmas tree decorations, which are characterized by a great variety and splendor of color, document the craftsmanship of our family business. We have a large selection of old, traditional shapes that my grandfather used to produce Christmas tree decorations at our disposal. We can now incorporate the experience of 5 generations to produce our little treasures.

Lauscha has been the birthplace of glass Christmas tree decorations since 1848. Up until this point, it was traditional to decorate the tree with apples and walnuts. According to legend, the idea of ​​making colored glass baubles as Christmas tree decorations came from a poor Lauscha glassblower who could not afford the expensive walnuts and apples in 1847. Even today, the Thuringian Forest and especially the region around Lauscha is one of the most important glass regions in Central Europe.

When making glass Christmas tree decorations, the Bunsen burners were initially operated with rapeseed oil and paraffin. However, only a very hot gas flame with air or oxygen can be used to blow large, thin-walled Christmas tree balls. Today the burners are powered by natural gas or propane. The craftsmanship technique we use to make our hand-blown Christmas tree decorations is still the same.

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