Historical Cannon Incense Smoker


4″ W x 6″ L x 4.75″ H
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Historical Cannon Incense Smoker

Historical Cannon Incense Smoker: Light your favorite incense and it'll appear as if you just set off this cannon! With a warm color palette and wonderful handcrafted detail this cannon is as charming as can be. The perfect gift for a Civil War enthusiast or perhaps the local historian with a keen eye for antique weapons. There's no going wrong when you purchase this incense burner. Fans of the traditional German smoker will appreciate the unique take on the concept of the "Räuchermann".

Cinnamon aroma, pine scent and frankincense. Advent is always the time of intense scents. The beautifully designed incense smokers are particularly popular and give your Christmas Décor a traditional nostalgic look. Incense smokers have their origins in the Ore Mountains - a region that is famous far beyond the country's borders for its high-quality craftsmanship. Inside the incense smoker is a cavity for the cone-shaped incense cone, which produces a smoky, intense scent when burning. Simply a sensual experience - not only at Christmas. A collector's item with tradition, even without a scent.

The cone shaped original Crottendorfer incense cones are ideally suited for use in the incense figures. The incense cones are available in a variety of scents and not only spread their fragrance at Christmas time.

Historical Cannon Incense Smoker - Cleaning

The incense smokers from the Ore Mountains are lovingly handcrafted. All incense smokers should be cleaned regularly. Even if there are already ashes from previous incense burning sessions, you can still use your incense burner for another session. However, the ash and sticky resin eventually build up. That sticky melted resin will certainly attract even more dirt and dust and is more of a pain to clean off than just ash. Although your incense burner could still be functional, it won’t look as appealing as before because of all the dirt and ick. Lastly, you also want to clean your incense burner to make sure it still works properly.

Use of dishwashing liquid can also help remove the oils and left-over resin that may be the reason why some of the ashes are stuck on your incense burner. This step should be avoided on wooden incense burners, as the water can damage the wood. However, you can still spot clean the sticky spots with soapy water. Wet a piece of cloth and wring it out so it feels nearly dry then use it to wipe off the sticky substance on your wooden incense burner.

Before you use your incense burner again, you should make sure that it is completely dry. If not, the ashes are more likely to stick to the burner and you’d have to clean it up thoroughly again.

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