Incense Smoker Dwarf Pyramid Maker


The latest pyramid from the gnome workshop has just been completed. The master proudly presents his work.

Height: 28 cm / 11″

Cone size: Medium cones

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Incense Smoker Dwarf Pyramid Maker

Incense Smoker Dwarf Pyramid Maker: The latest pyramid from the gnome workshop has just been completed. The master proudly presents his work.

Small scale but perfect. A lot of care and love goes in to making good quality products that will last and last. For the past 90 years this principle has underlined the artistry and workmanship at Christian Ulbricht GmbH & Co. KG. Have a look at our website and see how we turn wood into art in our workshops.

Click on our company history for a brief overview of over 90 years of tradition and innovation at Christian Ulbricht. You can see how perfectly we master our art by clicking on Handcrafting.

For established and budding collectors we would recommend the Smoker Dwarfs to add to your collection - or for a present for someone close to you.


Incense Smoker Dwarf Pyramid Maker

The famous “Räuchermänner“ (or smoking man) originated in the Erzgebirge – Ore Mountains kept things cozy during Christmas time and all year round. Since the 18th century, these merry fellows made of artfully turned wood, fabrics, fur and paint have been bringing fragrant scents into many a home. And even in modern times, they continue to create comfort and a wonderful ambience.

Real craftsmanship has become rare in our world filled with technology, making every single piece by Christian Ulbricht precious and unique.

When new patterns and pieces are designed it is not uncommon for the head of the company to make his hands-on contribution in the workshop. It takes years of practice and dedication to precision for our painters to learn their craft. To create the accurate single pieces, absolute focus is necessary. Every creation is polished by experienced hands to infuse it with our unmatched love of detail.


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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm


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