Kitchen Witch Starlight flying


Kitchen Witch Starlight flying: A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch is a homemade poppet or doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a good luck charm and to ward off bad spirits.

With broom, a burlap dress, star lace and a pointed hat.

7 inches

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Kitchen Witch Starlight flying

Kitchen Witch Starlight flying: A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch is a homemade poppet or doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a good luck charm and to ward off bad spirits.

History of Kitchen Witches

There is some debate over where the kitchen witch originated, some claiming Scandinavia and others Germany, but consensus points to older Northern European customs, as it seems to have been more widespread earlier. The poppet is supposed to depict a "good” witch who inspires productivity and safety in a kitchen, but also counteracts any ill-will directed to the home. It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member. So that those unfamiliar with the kitchen witch can understand its meaning, sometimes a note will be hung around the witch's neck stating something similar to: The Legendary Secret of Goof-Proof Cooking: The Famous Kitchen Witch. For centuries, Norwegians have hung this good witch in their kitchen. They believe she has the power to keep roasts from burning, pots from boiling over, and sauces from spilling.

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Witches have a mystical and mysterious effect on people. But where does this mystery come from and what still connects people with witches today? The witch cult is now more of a cultural asset than a horror scenario. It is not for nothing that witch figures are very popular, for example as decorative items.

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We offer you a variety of witch figures in our online shop. These are ideal as a gift for loved ones, for decorating your own four walls or as a commodity. In this way you can expand your range with a diverse product. Our witch figures differ in design and function.

History and origin - what belongs to witchcraft?

In fairy tales and in the late Middle Ages, the witch is seen as a woman with magical powers that she can use to cause harm. She is also said to have a connection to demons or the devil. It is not clear where the word "witch" comes from. It can be due to languages like Dutch, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish. The view of the time had little in common with cute witch figures. A witch was also considered to be someone who could predict the future. But also the preparation of magic potions, participation in dark rituals, flying with the typical witch's broom or influencing the weather were part of the witch's craft. From around 1400, these characteristics were part of the so-called witch code.

Especially at the Walpurgis festival, on the last night of April, witches still enjoy a lot of attention today. And not only in the Harz Mountains. The tradition in Europe goes back to pre-Christian times. The "Urharzer" celebrated their spring festival 1000 years ago. Wodan, the supreme god of the Germans, was married and the spring was welcomed - of course in exchange for appropriate offerings. Winter and all evil spirits should be driven away. With masks, disguises, fire and shots, this finally had to succeed, said the custom. "May has come," says the song, which is still sung today on Walpurgis Night.

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