Lace Ornaments Shapes gold


Hang them on your Christmas tree, as well as on windows or doors. Decorate your table, use as a gift tag or decorate Christmas cards. The possibilities are endless. Our lace ornaments are a special decorative gift whether for friends or for yourself.

These ornaments are made entirely of delicately embroidered lace. In addition to classic Christmas decorations such as wooden art from the Erzgebirge and Christmas tree baubles from Thuringia, window pictures and tree decorations made from Plauen lace have also been popular, handcrafted Christmas decorations for centuries.

Original Plauener Spitze / Plauen Lace, Handmade by German artists. Feel free to browse through our range of genuine Plauen lace window pictures and lace ornaments.

Size: approx. 3.5 inches

Color: white and gold

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Lace Ornaments Shapes gold

Lace Ornaments Shapes gold: Plauen Lace / Plauener Spitze ® with guarantee on embroidery and workmanship. These ornaments are light as a feather and delicate. You can hang them on your Christmas tree, as well as on windows or doors. Decorate your table, use as a gift tag or decorate Christmas cards. At no time of the year are traditional crafts and values reflected as much as at Christmas. Here you will find a large selection of different motifs, with which you can round off the Christmas decoration of your rooms or give others a little joy in the run-up to Christmas.

The production

These ornaments are made from so-called etched lace. This means: The embroidery is initially carried out on a fleece as a base material on large embroidery machines. Small embroidery errors are then painstakingly corrected on the fleece by hand using a mending machine.

Once the entire tension is finished on the embroidery side, it goes into the so-called “finishing”, where they get their final touches. After etching, the images are dried and ironed. Any excess threads are cut off by hand (the image is jagged) - a very complex process that requires a good eye, a lot of patience and attention to detail.

Finally the time has come: the ornament can go on a journey and beautify your living space.

Lace Ornaments by Stickservice Vogel

Our company is located in the beautiful Vogtland reagion and has been producing fine table linen with embroidery and lace for many years. Everything is manufactured at our company, from the idea to the finished product. The products “Made in Germany” are particularly valued abroad. In addition to high-quality embroidered table linen in the classic and modern range, the collection also includes window pictures and air lace pendants for the Christmas tree and for every other season.

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