Large Boat Incense Stick Holder


Handcarved in Alberta, Canada with locally sourced materials. As each one is hand carved they might differ slightly from the photo.

  • Wood: Black Ash and Walnut
  • Size: approx. 10.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Can be used as an incense stick holder or just as a decorative item.
  • All Wooden products are sealed in linseed oil and have a coating. They can be cleaned with a moist sponge and dried after that. Some boats are polished with sandpaper some are not. All boats are initialed with TP.

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Large Boat Incense Stick Holder

Large Boat Incense Stick Holder - Whittling and Carving As A Hobby.

Near Calgary Alberta, a self-taught handcrafter named Thomas Pickardt has been cultivating a passion for whittling and carving for over a decade. His journey began around campfires, where he would whittle pieces of wood to pass the time, often tossing them into the fire once finished. It wasn't until a recent camping trip when someone showed him a wood spirit he had given years ago, that he realized the lasting impact of his art. This moment, coupled with his children treasuring the modest whittles he had made for them, inspired Thomas to take his creativity and hobby to the next stage.

Thomas has since expanded from simple whittling to more intricate carving using knives and gouges. He firmly believes that genuine interest and minimal skills can achieve more than relying solely on specialized, expensive tools. While he occasionally draws inspiration from the other art, he prefers to create his own styles and patterns, experimenting with various designs and themes.

Initially, Thomas sourced all his wood from the acreage where he lived. After moving closer to the city, he began obtaining materials like cherry, apple, maple, black maple, oak, and black ash from local suppliers. His workbench is now his kitchen table, where he manually saws and prepares all his wood in the comfort of his home. Striving for clean cuts and embracing the rugged finish, he avoids sandpaper to preserve the unique texture of each piece. However, sandpaper and stain is used on a few projects, such as boats, to highlight the extraordinary grains of the wood, adding a new dimension to the carving. Some pieces, like the raven skull with Celtic designs, incorporate wood burning using a soldering iron to achieve intricate and impressive details

In the lead-up to Christmas 2023, Thomas enjoyed carving ornaments, using basswood to create Santa’s, Grinches, Gnomes, and trees. His daughter-in-law painted them, turning these pieces into cherished and unique gifts for family and friends. Encouraged by their reception, he is carving more ornaments for the upcoming holiday season, which will be available at

Thomas tells us that one of the most rewarding aspects of his hobby has been sharing it with his son, drawing him away from his devices and into the world of wood carving. He aspires to spread the beauty of wood carving, one figure at a time, and inspire others to explore their creative potential. For him, the next phase will be to carve the Alberta Grizzly Bear – and we look forward to it!


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