Trenkle Weather House Heidi


Height: 13 cm / 5″


Made in Germany by Trenkle Uhren

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Trenkle Weather House Heidi

Trenkle Weather House Heidi: A weather house is a folk-art device in the shape of a small German or Alpine chalet that indicates the weather. A typical weather house has two doors side by side. The left side has a girl or woman, the right side a boy or man. The female figure comes out of the house when the weather is sunny and dry, while the male (often carrying an umbrella) comes out to indicate rain.

In conclusion, a weather house functions as a hygrometer embellished by folk art. The male and female figures ride on a balance bar, which is suspended by a piece of catgut or hair. The gut relaxes or shrinks based on the humidity in the surrounding air, relaxing when the air is wet and tensing when the air is dry. This action swings one figure or the other out of the house depending on the humidity.  Some variants function as a barometer: low pressure indicates bad (rainy) weather, high pressure good (sunny) weather.

Weather houses are associated in the popular mind with Austria, Germany or Switzerland, and are often decorated in the style of a cuckoo clock. They are often sold as "typical German" souvenirs to travellers from other countries. Many weather houses also bear a small thermometer on the part between the two doors that conceals the gut suspension.

Weather Houses made by Trenkle Uhren

Trenkle Clocks - the epitome of German quality work from the Black Forest

Located in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Black Forest, the Simonswäldertal, and along the German Clock Road, our family business has been carrying on the tradition of clock manufacturing for half a century. Every step of a new product - from the idea to delivery - is carried out and run through the own production.

Our entitlement is the highest quality and the most precise precision. Each of our products goes through numerous checks before it leaves our premises.

It is our trademark to combine proven craftsmanship and the latest technology. This enables us to respond to individual customer requests in order to guarantee the utmost flexibility.

The unmistakable Trenkle design, creativity, pioneering spirit and high-quality standards make our products a guarantee of success "Made in Germany".

We invite you; let yourself be inspired by our Black Forest workmanship.

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