Wind Swept Tree by Glen Boyd

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Handpainted on Canvas

18 x 12 inches

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Wind Swept Tree by Glen Boyd

Wind Swept Tree by Glen Boyd was painted on Canvas.

Glen Boyd was born in Dunster, B.C where he spent the first years of his life being raised in a log cabin. He farmed in the summer and did logging in the winter months, falling in love with the outdoors before moving to Vancouver, B.C.

His rise in the Art Community began at a young age, winning competitions, prizes, and a university scholarship for him to hone his craft. At age 11, one of his pieces was selected to be displayed in the permanent children’s section of the Vancouver Art Gallery. In his teenage years he began experimenting with different styles of painting, including watercolour, oils, and acrylics – which most of his work is completed in. Glen also works with other art medias such as stone carvings, raised copper and metal sculptures, and to this day, most of his work includes two or more medias. For over 20 years Glen has also designed, manufactured, and sold ceramics and ceramic beads for macrame.

His most famous client was Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana, who purchased many miniature works of art during her visit to the Royal Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. Glen has also had his art shown in Hong Kong. While showing art in Ontario, he met a member of the ‘Group of Seven’ who let him know that he could have been member number eight had they met earlier. This has been a testament to his craft as he continues to create art. A recent appraisal of his pieces has been valued at 500K USD for a clay sculpture, and 2.5M USD for a collection of five paintings, two multi-media designs and a clay sculpture. Before a closure of a Gallery in Hong Kong, one painting was valued at 40K USD.

Like many artists, Glen had a ‘day job’ trucking and in the construction trade and was unable to pursue his art until a back injury in 1991. Since then, he has devoted his time to his pieces and creating his art. Glen also spends his time teaching art and developing a highly effective method to advance the artist’s real talents and continues to bring his teachings to small groups and private lessons.

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