Crottendorfer Incense Cones Minis


Content: 24 pieces/box

A potpourri of different Christmas fragrances from our range.

Watch how they are made!

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Crottendorfer Incense Cones Minis

Original Crottendorfer Incense Cones Minis: A potpourri of different Christmas fragrances from our range.

Crottendorfer Incense Cones come in many scents; therefore, they are great to use all year around. Incense cones are perfectly shaped to use with German Incense Smokers.

Only natural and nature-identical fragrances are used for Crottendorfer incense cones. For example, resins, herbs, spices, woods, plant extracts, essential oils and local beechwood charcoal. The high quality and purity of the carefully selected raw materials is regularly examined, which certifies that Crottendorfer incense cones are harmless to health. We don't produce any slimmed-down variants, for example with inferior raw materials, to get a cheaper product afterwards. No, with us you only get one quality and that is the best at a fair price.

Only handpicked incense cones leave our house. Therefore, we test our incense cones daily for scent and flammability, for this we use 5 different incense figures. The quality of our incense cones is an "affair of the heart" for us and is our top priority! Different sizes are still made by hand even today. The experience that has been growing steadily since 1936 and the feeling for high-quality raw materials are the basis for our products.

How to light incense cones

After placing your incense cone on your incense burner pointed side up, light the very tip with either a lighter or match. Once the cone catches fire, let the top burn for 5 to 10 seconds. Fan the incense cone gently to ensure the flame is completely out. If done properly, the top of the cone will still be lit, but no longer in flames.

Watch how they are made!

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