Incense Burner Small Table-HUSS’L


“The little massive one”

for the use with incense cones, scented resins, tealights, burnig gel and as a warmer

Total height: approx. 230 mm
ø Oven approx. 90 mm
Weight: 1 kg

Read our safety instructions carefully!

Included are:

  • 1 Oven
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 incense cone holder with an ash crucible
  • 1 pliers
  • 1 tealight
  • 1 matchbox
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense cone
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense resin
  • Made entirely out of metal – non-flammable

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Incense Burner Small Table-HUSS'L

Get your Incense Burner Small Table-HUSS'L today. "The little massive one".

At last, I have arrived! My name is "Small Table-Huss’l" and I am a small, solid, iron stove weighing 1 kg. I am handmade and you can depend on me for everything in connection with producing good smells and bringing warmth. I am pretty much indifferent to the size of the materials to be burnt. I function like my big brother– Is HUSS‘L – and I look like my little brothers and sisters. You can learn a lot in dealing with me. Place a little iron pan on me and frying an egg presents no problem. Although I am completely safe, I can become extremely hot – like a real oven! Whether indoors or outdoors, you will have your fun with me!


Time for Family

Hundreds of television channels are transmitted into many households these days. Additionally there is the internet and smart phones. In households, everyone has their own screen and people tend to live in their own little worlds. I find this a problematic development. I draw hope from the fact that when speaking to children, in contrast, they want to spend more time with their parents for playing, talking and other shared experiences. Every day is 24 hours – we have time – the question is what do we do with it? Time invariably seems to run away. My question is: can we alter our perception of time running so fast? Or can we at least change how we spend our time?

Order a box of cones or sticks to enjoy the amazing fragrances. Not only for Christmas, these fragrances small nice the entire year.

Our fragrance and incense burners are of high quality. We make them in various forms, such as small pots, pans, ovens, stoves, pyramids, jugs and locomotives, they capture the hearts of young and old alike. More ideas are in the pipeline… As well as incense cones, we produce a variety of cone ovens and fragrance holders.

Buy a box of your favourite incense cones. For example, frankincense, cinnamon and lavender. In fact, these are our famous ones.

Learn more about HUSS

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 17 cm


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