Incense Smoker Owl with Sleigh


Original German Incense Burner. This Incense Smoker Owl with Sleigh is the perfect piece of winter home decor! Handcrafted with fine attention to detail. For all owl lovers. Made of wood.

 Height: appr. 15 cm / 6 inches 

  Handmade by Kuhnert GmbH, Germany

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Incense Smoker Owl with Sleigh

Incense Smoker Owl with Sleigh: This owl incense burner is ready to go on a ride with his sleigh! Perfect for the winter enthusiast in your life or add this piece to your own home decor.

Our smoker owls are a new development from 2014. They are approx. 15 cm high and can be fitted with standard-sized incense cones. The scent remains your choice: in summer they scare away annoying mosquitoes with citrus scents, in Advent our owls like to delight those around them with the scent of incense and fir trees.

All Kuhnert products are handcrafted by our employees in Germany from sustainably grown wood.

Incense Smoker Owl with Sleigh

Owls are considered a symbol of wisdom and protection in many cultures. For some years now, the birds with their big eyes have been developing into real cult objects.
As a smoke figure, the owls spoil their surroundings with pleasant scents. The many different accessories make it easy to find the right gift for each of your loved ones.

Turnery Kuhnert GmbH

Wood art from the Ore Mountains

More than 30 years of expertise in wood

Along with fretsaws and carving, turning is the most important form of traditional woodworking in Ore Mountain folk art. We are committed to this tradition and continue it with today's means.

It all began in 1986 with Frieder Kuhnert, who turned his hobby of turning wooden figures with motifs from the Erzgebirge into a profession in a small workshop. Three of his four children continue the turnery and specialize in different areas. The Drechslerei Kuhnert GmbH now has around 100 employees, and the products are exported far beyond Europe, for example to Japan, the USA or Canada.

In addition to preserving tradition, we focus on the highest quality and contemporary design. With this in mind, we always incorporate new materials and innovative processes into the development of our products. By using modern laser technology, for example, we can give our smoke figures different facial expressions.

We use wood from sustainable forestry and show our responsibility towards our basic material wood with our FSC® and PEFC certifications.

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